Pre-Order Custom Teardrop Built - Base Model - From C$9,750

Pre-Order Custom Teardrop Built - Base Model - From C$9,750

Finish and Outfit your teardrop.

We built the basic shell and put it on a trailer for you.

You customize all the amenities, the interior, the technology and your final touches to make your unique very personal camping teardrop.

Waiting times are around 3 months on the Summer season.

Please connect with us for further details.

  • Additional Options

    • Aluminum trailer
    • Off-road wheels
    • Custom design Kitchen Galley with water tank and compact propane stove. Cutting board. Class A/B marine fire extinguisher
    • Full Electrical Package: Photovoltaic solar panels, charge controller and 12V Lithium Iron Phosphate battery. Interior lights. Kitchen galley lights. Custom trailer road lights. 5V (USB) 12V, and 110V outlets. 
    • Interior Headliner
    • Roof Rack Package
    • Rooftop Vent,  Mushroom Vents, Skylight fan
    • High-traffic soft floor for the cabin
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